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101 Films From 37 Countries 13th Akbank Short Film Festival

101 Films From 37 Countries 13th Akbank Short Film Festival

Akbank Short Film Festival
, which has become one of the pioneering events aiming to build a platform for Short Films with the consciousness of their leading role in the art of cinema, is now organizing its 13th festival between 13-24 March. The Festival offers an enjoyable 10-day program to the cinema lovers and a wide range of workshops, interviews and competitions with broad participation from domestic and foreign countries. With the "FORUM" sectioncommenced for the first time in this year's festival, 13th Akbank Short Film Festival aims to support short films from the screenwriting stage and organize courses for project development.

13th Akbank Short Film Festival, which a total of 1,055 short films from 52 countries applied to, includes "FESTIVAL SHORTS", "WORLD SHORTS", "SHORTS TO FEATURE", "EXPERIENCES", "DOCUMENTARY FILM", "PERSPECTIVE", "SPECIAL SCREENING" and "FORUM" sections. At the festival, a total of 101 films from 37 countries, including films that competed in the world's leading film festivals such as Cannes, Berlin and Venice, will meet with the audience. 13th Akbank Short Film Festival will focus on Abbas Kiarostami's cinema who passed away last year. During the festival, 10 on Ten documentary film of the famous director will be shown a talk will be held about his cinema. Kiarostami’s close friend-cinematographer Seifollah Samadian will be our guest for DOCUMENTARY FILM section. 76 Minutes and 15 Seconds, a documentary film Samadian made about Abbas Kiarostami will meet with participants during the masterclass. Also, Once Upon a Time in Marrakesh will be also in DOCUMENTARY FILM section.

This year in EXPERIENCES, director Aslı Özge's first award-winning film Men on the Bridge and her latest film All of a Sudden will be shown and a talk on her experiences will take place. In addition, a talk with the director of Krakow Film Festival Krzysztof Gierat on international film festivals will meet with cinema lovers in EXPERIENCES section.

In SHORTS TO FEATURE section of 13th Akbank Short Film Festival, director Tayfun Pirselimoğlu's feature-length directorial debut In Nowhere Land and his first short film My Uncle which was shown in Venice Film Festival, will be shown and a talk will be held with the director.

SPECIAL SCREENING section reserved for Balkan countries will have two directors this year; Istvan Kovacs and Andrei Gruzsniczki.

13th Akbank Short Film Festival's workshop and talk programs are substantial as well. Within the scope of the festival; script coach and producer Esther Wouda, who continues his works internationally, the successful young film editor Umut Sakallıoğlu, acting coach Deniz Erdem, documentarian and instructor Semra Güzel Korver and Şerife Aydın Terler and Sezen Türkyılmaz Çaka who are specialized in makeup for film and television will share their experiences with the cinema lovers during workshops. In addition, following talks will be held; "Actors Talk About Shorts" with Settar Tanrıöğen, Dilşad Çelebi and Serkan Ercan, "Abbas Kiarostami Cinema" with Seifollah Samadian, Rıza Oylum and Farhad Eivazi, "Cinematography" with Cansu Boğuşlu, Mehmet Zengin and Güçlü Yaman who have been at Akbank Short Film Festival before, "To Make a Film" with Mustafa Kara and Selim Evci.

Having been applied by a total of 1055 films from 52 countries, the results of the 13th Akbank Short Film Festival competition to be held in two categories, National and International, will be announced on Thursday, March 23, 2017. The directors of the films to be awarded by the jury as "Best Film" in national and international categories, will be rewarded with $ 5.000 by Akbank Sanat. The productions that will be awarded by the jury as the best film at National and International Competitions will be shown at university campuses in various regions of Turkey within the scope of the event "Awarded Films at Universities" after 13thAkbank Short Film Festival. In addition, in Akbank Short Film Forum section, commencing for the first time this year, the winner scenario of the short film screenwriting competition to be held with the aim of production support will be rewarded with TRY 3.000 by Akbank Sanat.