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Seminar Series of Architecture as Part of Life

Seminar Series of Architecture as Part of Life

November 2016 - June 2017

Architecture & Psychiatry
- 18 November 2016, Friday 19:00

Is it possible to talk about the psychology of a space? How does an architectural space reflect on our mood? Do urban spaces drive one crazy; do they make us happy or unhappy? To what extent does urban planning impact the psychology of urbanites? How have architectural choices in psychiatric hospitals evolved over the years? How does architecture support rehabilitation? What kind of architectural choices are made in a psychotherapist's office? What is the reason behind the need for different seating groups in psychotherapy and psychoanalysis? We will talk about architecture with Psychiatrist Dr. Gülcan Özer.

Architecture & Cafés and Coffeehouses - 9 December 2016, Friday 19:00

Cafés and coffeehouses have been home to occasions shaping social life. As the European versions of coffee shops, where civilians came together to organize social riots during the time of Ottoman Empire, Parisian cafés used to be the backbone of intellectualism. In our era, cafés and coffee culture are back on the track as a trend. Cafés in such locations as Taksim, Moda, Beşiktaş, Cihangir and Karaköy transform public spaces and social life. How does this affect structures, street culture and urban life? Our talk features owners of coffee shops.

Architecture & Science Fiction - 13 January 2017, Friday 19:00

How did science fiction dream buildings and lives in its works and to what extent did these dreams turn into truth in the future? We compare today's architecture to that of science fiction.

Architecture & Archeology -  28 February 2017, Tuesday 19:00

Why were those architectural choices made back in the Neolithic era, when architecture was first born because man adopted a sedentary life? What practical reasons were lying beneath the first architectural essentials that still define our use today, from construction materials to cookware? We will set out on a virtual journey to some of Turkey's archaeological sites to find answers.

Architecture & Social Media - 10 March 2017, Friday 19:00

What is the share of architectural and urban space posts in overall social media posts? What does this share reveal about users? Can an Instagram post re-create a place? We will dwell on these questions with social media and marketing specialists.

Architecture & Yeşilçam - 21 April 2017, Friday 19:00

Our architectural memory is embedded in Yeşilçam movies -- in what the characters said, where they said it and what they saw in the background. Yeşilçam movies not only uncover how cities looked like in the past but also their growth, footprints new architectural approaches left, ways of settlement in changing urban spaces and all the problems arising from these developments. Then, how can we interpret our architectural history from the lens of Yeşilçam?

Architecture & Music - 26 May 2017, Friday 19:00

How does a place define the music we will listen to? Can buildings, streets and squares be used as concert venues? Is an excellent concert possible without an enabling architectural space? How do spatial conditions restrict a musician? How do concert organizers deal with the challenges of spatial limits?

Architecture & Gastronomy - 16 June 2017, Friday 19:00

Marketplaces, Grand Bazaar, Spice Bazaar, Flower Passage in Istanbul... Mercados and tapas bars in Spain... How is the architecture built to surround outdoor eating habits?