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Find Me

Contemporary Takes on Self-Portrait

June 7th - July 29th 2017

Merih Akoğul

Artists: Deniz Açıksöz, Burcu Aksoy, Kezban Arca Batıbeki, Sadık Demiröz, Ahmet Elhan, Ahmet Öner Gezgin, H-art Collective, Gül Ilgaz, Hüseyin Işık, Balkan Naci İslimyeli, Ali Kabaş, Çerkes Karadağ, Yonca Karakaş, Şahin Kaygun, Sıtkı Kösemen, Şükran Moral, Yıldız Moran, Levent Öget, Ferhat Özgür, Aleksi Petridi, Erhan Şermet, Rıza Aydan Turak, Cem Turgay, Muammer Yanmaz

While there are many ways in which human beings may express themselves, art must be one of the most important. The intersection between self and life is where artists produce their works. For an artist taking a self-portrait however, the point of intersection becomes one’s own identity: photographer and subject coalesce into one individual and then part company with the only evidence remaining of this encounter being the work itself. The exhibition showcases works by 23 artists and one collective. In “Find Me”, photographer and photographed, which is to say artist and object, unite in the same frame. The show therefore is one in which artists with different photographic preferences and approaches peer into their inner worlds by pointing their cameras at their own bodies and faces in order to interrogate their worldviews and perceptions in the contexts of philosophy, psychology, sociology, and art and then gather together and interpret what they find through photography.

Please click for exhibiton catalogue.