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Yokyerler / Nonspaces

16 December 2016 – 04 March 2017

Curators: Ceren Arkman, Irmak Arkman

Artists: Can Büyükberber, Felix Luque, Field, Iñigo Bilbao, İdil İlkin, LAb[au], LIA, Onformative, OUCHHH, Paul Myoda, Ryoichi Kurokawa, Semiconductor, Sougwen Chung, Youki Hirakawa

Nonspaces exhibition focuses on representation of nature and reconstruction of space by new media. Taking its inspiration from Marc Augé’s concept of non-places, transitory places of supermodernity where people remain suspended in anonymous solitude, like airports, shopping malls, highways, chain hotels and supermarkets, the title of the exhibition refers simultaneously to the artworks that make it up and the artspace that houses it.

The collections of artworks that make up the Nonspaces exhibition aim to alter our conception of space or create hyper-real spaces for our appreciation; they let us conceive and experience space in a non-physical, non-social, nontraditional way: as a non-space. Art has always been obsessed with the representation of the world; but representations that new media creates are much more befitting our supermodern existence, underlining the novel ways that we relate to our world. Yet even though the experience of space changes, the visitors of the Nonspaces exhibition will realize that the space itself remains somewhere between novel and familiar, in a comforting limbo that lets us be somewhere else alone with ourselves: just like the artspace that houses the exhibition and provides anonymous solitude to those who seek it.

Nonspaces exhibition is developed by the digital art professional and curator duo Ceren and Irmak Arkman and features art by internationally renowned artists Félix Luque& Iñigo Bilbao, LIA, Paul Myoda, Ryoichi Kurokawa, Sougwen Chung, Youki Hirakawa; artist duos and teams Field, LAb[au], Onformative, Semiconductor; as well as Istanbul’s very own Can Büyükberber, İdil İlkin and Ouchhh.

Please click for exhibition booklet.