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Manu Katché
Combining his sense of rhythm, which he inherited from his family roots in Ivory Coast and with academic studies, Manu Katché is one of the rare musicians who has ...
Bill Frisell Music for Strings
Taking an interest in playing the guitar as a result of his love for blues and soul classics, which he had discovered on the radio during his years as a clarinet student...
Joe Lovano & John Scofield
Grammy winning saxophonist Joe Lovano and the guitar virtuoso John Scofield had made a sensation in the world of jazz, when they reunited after 20 years. This time, the masters will...
Squarepusher is an extraordinary project by Tom Jenkinson, who is also known as a bass guitarist. One of the key electronic music composers to be inspired by jazz...
Susanne Sundfør
As one of the most significant musicians to reflect the unique atmosphere of Scandinavian art, Susanne Sundfør takes the stage as a part of the...