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13th Akbank Short Film Festival

Akbank Short Film Festival, which aims to build a platform for Short Films with the consciousness of their leading role in the art of cinema, is now organizing its 13th festival. The numbers of films that apply to the festival increases every year; this year 1,055 films around the world have applied. The newest addition in this year’s festival is “Forum”. In this section there will be a scriptwriting competition in order to support short films from the project development stage.

Abbas Kiarostami’s cinema will be honored this year at the festival and his close friend Seifollah Samadian will be amongst our guests. Many experienced cinema artists such as director Tayfun Pirselimoğlu, Aslı Özge, Director of Krakow Film Festival Krzysztof Gierat, two directors from Balkans: Istvan Kovas and Andrei Gruzsniczk, script coach and producer Esther Wouda, editor Umut Sakallıoğlu, Deniz Erdem, Semra Güzel Korver, Şerife Aydın Terler and Sezen Türkyılmaz Çaka, Settar Tanrıöğen, Serkan Ercan, Farhad Eivazi, Rıza Oylum, Cansu Boğuşlu, Mehmet Zengin, Güçlü Yaman, Selim Evci and Mustafa Kara will be at the festival. In this year’s festival 101 films from 37 countries will meet with the spectators.

We would like to thank all the dearly directors who submitted their films to Akbank Short Film Festival, the jury members, and all the professionals who will enrich the festival with their presence.