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13th Akbank Short Film Festival
( Akbank Sanat 3rd Floor)


15.03.2017 Wednesday March 15th, 15.00

When Presenting a Project?: Semra Güzel Korver

Which key points shall we pay attention to when we are presenting a project?

16.03.2017 Thursday March, 16th 15.00

Film Editing Workshop: Heartbeats of a Film with Umut Sakallıoğlu

Heart, could it be a metaphor to understand editing?
Pulse of the body accelerates and slows down according to its condition.
In general, we think that emotions come from the heart. If the film is the body, editing is the heart.
We will be watching short clips with the participants and discussing how editing shapes the language of film, how it has evolved throughout the history of the film, and how it can create possibilities for expression.

17.03.2017 Friday March 17th 14.00

Makeup for Film and Television by Şerife Aydın Terler, Sezen Türkyılmaz Çaka

This workshop will develop the understanding of the different products, materials and application processes used within the film and television industry.

17.03.2017 Friday March 17th 17.00

Esther Wouda - Working with a Script Coach

It’s a workshop about benefits of working with a script coach in the progress of the script.

The workshop will take place via Skype. Number of participants is limited 15 people.

18.03.2017 Saturday March, 18th 15.00

Deniz Erdem - Working with an Acting Coach

In this two-hour workshop, we will try to answer questions such as ‘Who is an acting coach?’ ‘What does an acting coach do?’ and ’In what sort of situations would an actor need an acting coach?’ We will be focusing on how the acting coach profession is defined globally, a profession that is perceived as someone who teaches acting to people who have not had previous acting training or experience in Turkey.
In this workshop, participants will also experience examples of how an acting coach works and functions.

* Invitations can be obtained, on the day of the event, one hour prior to the event, at the Akbank Sanat ticket counter.

* Events are free of charge.