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13th Akbank Short Film Festival


13.03.2017 Monday, March 13th 18.30
Actors Talk About Shorts

Settar Tanrıöğen-Actor
Serkan Ercan-Actor
Dilşad Çelebi-Actress

14.03.2017 Tuesday, March 14tth 18.30
Short to Feature

Tayfun Pirselimoğlu-Director

15.03.2017 Wednesday, March 15th 18.30
Documentary Cinema

Seifollah Samadian - Photographer, Cinematographer and Documentary Filmmaker

16.03.2017 Thursday, March 16th 18.30
Short Films in International Festivals

Experiences-Krzysztof Gierat (Krakow Film Festival Director)

17.03.2017 Friday, March 17th 18.30
The Cinema of Abbas Kiarostami

Rıza Oylum
Seifollah Samadian
Farhad Eivazi

18.03.2017 Saturday March, 18th 18.30
Experiences- Aslı Özge

Moderator: Zeynep Dadak

19.03.2017 Sunday, March 19th 18.30
Speaking Directors

István Kovács-Director
Andrei Gruzsniczki-Director

21.03.2017 Tuesday March, 21th 18.30
Director of Cinematography at the Akbank Short Film Festival

Cansu Boğuşlu-Director of Photography
Mehmet Zengin-Director of Photography
Güçlü Yaman-Director of Photography

22.03.2017 Wednesday, March 22th 18.30
Making a Movie

Mustafa Kara-Director
Selim Evci-Director

* Invitations can be obtained, on the day of the event, one hour prior to the event, at the Akbank Sanat ticket counter.

* Events are free of charge.