Contemporary Istanbul'17

Curator: Hasan Bülent Kahraman

14-17 September

‘Is nature real, can reality be natural?’

The real does not come to an end. It is produced anew in every period. But the sources of accessing reality and defining reality change in different times and in different cultures. There is not a single nature. Besides, nature also goes through change. The panta rei point of view of Heraclitus is true: everything flows!... Still, the history mankind is confined to the search for reality. For a while, we sought reality in nature. Now we turn our backs to nature. The real is produced from another reality, from the unnatural. But reality always has an aspect beyond the real. Being beyond the real means being beyond nature. Consciousness is the source of the real, at this point! And we comprehend nature with our consciousness. Consciousness is ahead of nature. Without our consciousness there would have been no nature. Reality is fictional. There is no pure or absolute reality. Reality does not occur of its own accord. Reality is not natural. The reality of nature, the reality that is derived from nature, is merely one element of a larger set of realities. Nor is the real, fiction. Reality is just reality. Still, the fictional aspect of the real exceeds its naturalness.

We are done with the third dimension. We wonder what’s hidden in the fourth dimension?

We do not know. We are still looking!…

Fair Enterance Fee:
16 - 17 September: 55 TL
14 - 15 September: 50 TL